eReader Loan Policy

Libraries of Foster

eReader Loan Policy

  1. Patron must have a current OSL library card and be in good standing (no fines or tees over $5.00).
  1. eReaders will be lent for a period of up to 3
  2. eBooks will be downloaded to the eReader via the libraries’ designated computer Patrons may not download any material to the eReader on their own.
  3. eReaders may not be returned in the book drop or to any other A fee of $10 will be added to patron’s card if this occurs.
  4. Any damage to the eReader is the loaning patron’s responsibility and appropriate fees will be
  5. Patrons under the age of 18 must have parental consent to loan the e
  6. Patron’s returning an eReader late will be subject to an overdue fine of $5.00/day.
  7. eReaders are not available for Interlibrary loan.



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