Library Services

The Libraries of Foster offer the following services to the public.  Fees are charged for the replacement cost of materials used.

  •  Photocopying and computer printouts:  Photocopiers are self-service and, with the exception of assisting disabled patrons and patrons who request free copies as stipulated in this policy, staff is not available to make copies. When assisting with the copier, staff will not knowingly violate copyright law. Patrons using the photocopier must adhere to the U.S. Copyright Law when copying materials subject to copyright. Community non-profit organizations receive a discount on photocopies.

Fees:  Black and white copies-.10 each

Color copies-.50 for ¼ to ½ page, $1.00 for full page.

  •  Faxing:  Staff will adhere to copyright restrictions when faxing materials and a copyright violation warning will be affixed to the front page of copyrighted materials being faxed. Staff may refuse to fax materials that would violate copyright laws. Patrons must ask permission to receive an incoming fax and notify the staff of approximate time of its arrival. Staff will observe the patron’s rights of privacy and will place fax in an envelope behind the circulation desk.  It is the responsibility of the patron to pick up the fax in a timely manner.

Fees:  Outgoing fax calls-$1.00 per page.

Incoming faxes – .10 per page.

  • Laminating: