“Spare” by Prince Harry

Olivia recommends: Spare by Prince Harry

Genre: Autobiography

Reading Level: Adult

Summary: This is Prince Harry’s biography from childhood to adulthood. The book goes into detail about the many trials and tribulations he faces as a member of the royal family.

Olivia says: I recommend this book because it as extremely eye-opening. It is easy to believe that the royal family is perfect in every way based on what the media portrays. Prince Harry’s side of the story was told well and is honestly very believable. I have a totally different picture in the my head of the family he as born into and the reason why he needed to get himself, his wife and two children out of the spotlight and somewhere more safe. I recommend listening to this book over reading it, as hearing his voice tell his own story makes the reader have a more sympathetic ear toward his cause.

This book is available at Foster Public Library.