“Answers in the Pages” by David Levithan

Audrey recommends: Answers in the Pages by David Levithan

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Reading Level: Middle grade

Summary: Donovan’s mom leads a crusade to ban a fifth-grade book assignment that features LGBTQ+ themes… but Donovan finds himself on the opposing side to fight back against censorship.

Audrey says: This is one of my favorite new releases of 2022! The story follows three interconnected storylines, following unwitting community leader Donovan, gay student Gideon, and the text of the banned book itself. Each storyline is fascinating on its own, and watching them all click together is so satisfying. Everyone in the book had their own voice and opinion, creating a whole fleshed-out community. Even the characters who I thought would never be redeemed were given the time and sympathy to explain their motivations, which made them less “villain” and more “human.” I was pleasantly surprised to find myself forgiving them. And I can’t even describe how much the romance made me smile! Add this to your to-read shelf if you have an interest in contemporary issues, want to teach a lesson on censorship, or just want a really enjoyable short read.

This title is available at Foster Public Library.