“Sweet and Sour” by Debbi Michiko Florence

Audrey recommends: Sweet and Sour by Debbi Michiko Florence

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Reading Level: Middle grade

Summary: Mai is furious with her best friend Zach for his awful behavior two summers ago… only problem is, he has no idea what he did.

Audrey says: Debbi Michiko Florence’s novels are the best if you love complex characters and nuanced relationships. Mai and Zach’s memories of the past are different, but neither is wrong for feeling the way they do. The reader might feel compelled to take a side when they’re working with limited information, just like the characters do. When the full truth is revealed, it’s surprising to learn how many bad assumptions you’ve made. As an added bonus, this story takes place in Mystic, CT. Anyone who’s been to the seaport will instantly recognize all the locations in this book!

This book is available at Foster Public Library.