“The Painting” (2011), dir. Jean-Francois Laguionie

Audrey recommends: The Painting, dir. Jean-Francois Laguionie

Genre: Animated film

Recommended Age: 10+

Summary: The characters within a painting rebel against the artist who drew them and learn how to create their own identities.

Audrey says: I first saw this movie as part of a film festival, before it had an English dub, and I was blown away by the artistry and narrative brilliance. Revisiting a decade later, it’s just as dazzling as the first time. The film imagines a world where characters in a painting are divided into social classes depending on how complete they are. The fully-finished Alldunns believe that the artist designed them to be superior to the thinly-outlined Sketchies in the background. A group of outcasts search for their painter to find out if their destiny really is determined by a big bearded man in the sky. The unique animation style is the perfect way to tell this story of free will and self-expression, and the genre-defying plot twist at the very end is one of my most memorable moments in cinema.

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