Foster and the People – Episode 4: Banned Books Week

October 1-7 is Banned Books Week! Audrey and Olivia discuss the theories behind book banning from Plato to today, the thorny issues that arise when you try to come up with a standard policy, and recommend some novels both new and old that tackle the issue.

    Fiction books about book banning:

    • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (1953)
    • The Day They Came to Arrest the Book by Nat Hentoff (1982)
    • The Year They Burned the Books by Nancy Garden (1999)
    • Ban This Book by Alan Gratz (2017)
    • Property of the Rebel Librarian by Allison Varnes (2018)
    • Answers in the Pages by David Levithan (2022)
    • Attack of the Black Rectangles by Amy Sarig King (2022)

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